Familiar symptoms we think of as trivial, but in fact indicate a critical deficiency of important substances

We rarely watch our bodies. And when we do, we are primarily interested in beauty, not health. Yet the body gives clear signals that it needs and lacks something. For example, the famous vitamin D. It is often underestimated, but it is also important for the functioning of our immunity. We can get it simply by staying indoors and going outdoors to be exposed to the sun’s rays. We can just as easily get it from our diet.

But do we really have enough of it? We can find out not necessarily just by tests, but by noticing our bodies and the different manifestations. These are your body’s way of showing that it is lacking this vitamin. What exactly should be monitored and when?

Fatigue and health complications

It has already been mentioned above that vitamin D is important for our body’s defenses. This lawfully means that its deficiency leads to more frequent illnesses, as the body will not be adequately protected against viruses, bacteria and other disease-causing agents. If you’ve been sick a lot lately and are catching any possible infection that flies round, it could mean you’re suffering from a vitamin D deficiency.

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Fatigue is, of course, a pretty general symptom that can have a variety of causes. Constant fatigue, fear, stress and anxiety can have many reasons, but one of the most common causes is just low levels of vitamin D in the body. This is especially true of women, who are more sensitive to deficiencies and hormonal fluctuations.


Vitamin D deficiency in the body can also cause depression, as proven by numerous studies from around the world. It is therefore not surprising that it is given to patients who already suffer from depression. It is one of the measures to help in its treatment. Of course, you need much more than just vitamin D to heal, but with the healing process, this vitamin in the form of a dietary supplement can help a lot.

Long healing and muscle pain

Vitamin D is responsible for regenerating the body and fighting inflammation and bacteria. Its deficiencies often manifest themselves in the form of long wound healing. When deficient, new skin forms more slowly and wounds remain open longer. Muscle aches and pains are also common. A single dose of vitamin D can reduce severe muscle pain by up to 57 percent!

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