Finding the benefits of an open kitchen is tricky. But their owners agree on one thing

Every house or apartment must have a kitchen. The current trend is quite clear. It is the open kitchen, sometimes also referred to as a galley kitchen. This solution does not always fit every interior and many people find rather negative things. However, there are also a few positives, which are confirmed by the owners themselves.

The first advantage

The first benefit we’ll mention is definitely the increase in space itself. Both real, when the walls disappear, and optical, when the space is visually enlarged. After breaking down the walls and removing the partition between the living room and the kitchen, your space will be bigger and your mental condition will be at a better level.

Another benefit

The other benefit is watching TV. So that’s not terribly important, but it’s nice, don’t you think? A large number of women like to cook while watching their favorite show or movie. Women call it: Swatting two birds with one stone. On the other hand, if you live alone, you will certainly welcome an open kitchen.

The third advantage

The third advantage is the immediate proximity to your guests or family. You don’t have to run off to the kitchen for the squeaky kettle without being seen. You also don’t have to interrupt your discussion. It will be enjoyable for everyone.

Source: Pixabay

Fourth advantage

The fourth advantage is more light, and the space to create that dining room you’ve been dreaming of. Simply place the table of your choice, matching the size of the space, where you knocked down the wall. Also, if you have young children, an open kitchen will certainly be an advantage for you. You don’t have to run away and you can still see the kids. Try brightening up these two spaces with bright colours and the right lighting. If you have low ceilings, use systematically placed spot lights. Conversely, if you have high ceilings, use suspended ceiling chandeliers.

Disadvantages of an open kitchen

An open kitchen must always be tidy. You simply can’t close the door in front of a visitor. Also, the smell of cooking will waft throughout the living room. The same goes for the temperature and humidity when cooking. Cooking increases the humidity in both the kitchen and the living room at the same time, so it will be essential to ventilate more often so that you don’t get mould behind furniture or in harder to ventilate areas.