Finding the best mortgage is made easier by online comparators. But don’t underestimate personal contact

Many people long to live in their own. Investing in housing is usually worthwhile because you are not pouring your hard-earned money into the hands of landlords, but paying off your home, which will one day be fully yours and free of liabilities. But choosing the right mortgage is absolutely crucial. How do you go about it so you don’t go wrong?

Take advantage of online comparison

Tenths of a percent play a role in the decision-making process. In the long run, it can make your mortgage hundreds of thousands more expensive or save you money. So it pays to search carefully and compare different offers and options. An online comparison tool or similar tool that allows you to compare offers from banking companies quickly and efficiently is probably the most helpful way to do this. In particular, look at the APR, which is the annual percentage rate of charge. That’s the best way to know which mortgage deals are really good deals and which ones are just pulling your leg.

Personal contact tells you more

Online comparisons can serve as an initial sifter to help you choose, say, the three best deals. However, the second step should definitely be a personal communication about your options and situation with the bank’s staff. Be aware that you will be dealing with these people on very complex matters involving huge amounts of money, so make sure the staff comes across as trustworthy, friendly, responsive to your questions and pro-customer. If there are problems, you can be sure that you will at least be treated politely.


Check information

What you find online will certainly be useful to you, but you’d better double check all the information. The offer on the internet may be limited in time or contain other terms and conditions that can have a significant impact on the final price of the mortgage. Unless you have everything in black and white in the contract, it cannot be taken at face value. And of course, it goes without saying that all contracts need to be read carefully and understood for what they say.