Five home hacks to help with sill cleaning

Admit it, few of you keep an eye on the cleanliness of your windowsill, but it’s the windowsill that can spoil the view of the whole room. It gets a lot of different dirt on it, from dust to traces of rust from the metal parts of the sill. Below are 5 hacks that will make cleaning your windowsills easier.


Ocet is a good cleaner for many surfaces. Not only does it remove stains, but it also cleans rust while illuminating the windowsill itself. Mix vinegar and water 1:1, soak stains with the mixture and leave for 20 minutes. Then just wipe the spot, and the stain is gone! In this case, do not forget to use gloves to protect your hands from staining.



Classic hard soap can be used in cleaning in a variety of ways. Grind the soap and add it to hot water, soak a cloth with this mixture and rub the dirty surface. For greasy spots, you can rub the soap on and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Melaminated sponge

This helper is truly capable of miracles and can wash anything. And that’s why it has gained so much popularity with housewives. Wet the sponge and wipe the window sill with it. To destroy old stains, you will have to make more effort, but the result is guaranteed. Remember to remove the rest of the sponge after cleaning.

Toothpaste and chalk

Sounds unusual, right? This method has been used for years by our grandparents. The chalk must be ground into a powder beforehand and then mixed with the paste in a 1:1 ratio. Apply this mixture with a damp sponge and try to rub it into the surface. When all the dirt is gone, wipe the window sill with water.


Liquid soap and soda

Take a small plate, mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 4 tablespoons of soap in it. Apply the mixture to the windowsill and leave it on for 30 minutes, or until you see the dirt disappear. Then wash off with a damp cloth.

These hacks will not only help with quick sill cleaning, but you’ll also have the ingredients on hand at all times, and can use them to clean your entire home.