Flower pots a thousand times different or brighten up your garden and interiors

Most people want to spice up their living room in some way, and whether they choose paintings, sculptures, handmade decorations or flowers, they try to be as original as possible. It’s important to play around with planters to help spice up our apartment, because although it’s not usually given much importance, they can help change the look of it completely.

Why stick with one material?

Pots have been in use almost forever, they just used to serve more practical purposes, like growing herbs for the kitchen. However, human ingenuity knows no bounds even in this area and today plants are grown in all kinds of containers. There are even competitions around the world for their production and subsequent evaluation. Ceramic, glass, stone, wooden and even wicker pots are common. Gradually, they began to be hung or mounted on the wall. It looks very interesting and saves space at the same time. Of course, you have to be very careful not to accidentally bump your head into the pots.

Source: Pixabay.com

How to make your own flower pot

Few of us know how to work with clay, and even if we do, it’s very hard to make a nice pot. Maybe you don’t even want to go to the shop and spend a lot of money buying one – after all, you might not be able to these days. But you don’t have to! You can make one at home… and it’s very simple. You don’t have to make it from scratch, you just have to use an item that you might want to throw away.

  • an old mug that you don’t use anymore (it has a chipped handle, for example)
  • glass bottle (for a nicer look, you can perhaps tie a string around it)
  • ceramic bowl
  • can

And there is much more. The only thing holding you back is your imagination. In case you like working activities, you can hand paint the planter or really make it. Also, it is nice to involve the kids in this, as this will spend a nice afternoon with your little ones. Children are guaranteed to have fun making things, and as we know, he who plays, does not get angry!