Foil in five ways, a recipe for the proper housewife

Unusual uses of ordinary things is the number one topic nowadays. Do you have a friend who knows the perfect trick to sharpen a pair of scissors? Did your neighbour tell you that she can’t imagine baking a bun without tinfoil? Well, it’s definitely worth trying out a few ideas that can make your job easier. Below we have put together some tips for using aluminium foil.

Scissors as sharp as new

Did you know you don’t need special tools to sharpen scissors? All you have to do is take a sheet of foil and cut it into strips. Cutting it will sharpen the scissors. But don’t throw the cut parts away. You can crumple them into a ball and use them to clean your iron or even your silver jewellery.

You won’t miss the heat again

Do you feel like the heat is escaping from your radiator? We have a solution for you. Use aluminium foil to return heat from radiators back into the room. All you need is a cardboard box slightly larger than the radiator and aluminium foil. The process is simple. Wrap the cardboard with foil and attach it to the wall behind the radiator. This way the heat will bounce off the foil and back into the room – the heat will not be absorbed by the wall.


Oven Cleaning

You can use the shredded tinfoil you used to sharpen scissors to clean silverware, a burnt iron, or scrub a burnt oven or grill grate with pieces of tinfoil. Wrinkle the foil and clean the grate with it, just like you would with a wire cloth. This trick is simple, quick and you can use one piece of foil twice.

Sliced Bananas

Have you bought very ripe bananas and would like to keep them unrotten until the next day? Try the foil trick. Just wrap both ends of the banana in foil and store them away from the other fruit. The bananas will keep until the next day.


Lean chrome

Bring back the shine to chrome-plated materials. For example, bathroom faucets, kitchen appliances, and more. All you have to do is crumple up the foil and polish the surfaces with it. If rust has appeared in some places, apply a little pressure to get rid of the rust. Don’t forget to treat the rust so it doesn’t spread.