Food mole: Get rid of them with tried-and-true old wives’ advice

Food moths are annoying pests that crawl everywhere. They are small butterflies that, despite their size, can do a lot of damage in the kitchen. If you spot a moth that has just emerged from the pantry and a small worm a little further down the hall, it’s bad news. You will now need to check all your food supplies such as flours, oatmeal, chocolates, pasta, rice and other dry foods for worms or fine spider webs. Have you found any of the above in your home? How about now? Get inspired by the functional advice that moths get out of the house. Arm yourself with patience and let’s get to it.

Tips Above Gold

It’s often better, and actually more profitable, to use the gifts of our kitchen than expensive commercial remedies that may not even work or are harmful to human health. If you have moths in your home, try one of these methods that even our beloved grandmothers used. You will need one or more of the following options and ingredients:

  • spices – bay leaf, black pepper
  • apple cider vinegar
  • beer
  • dried hops

Spices such as bay leaves and black pepper can be tied into little bags and placed among the dry foods in your cupboard. If lavender is in season, add it to this mixture. Lavender is the perfect moth repellent. The other option would be vinegar – simply place small bowls of apple cider vinegar in the cupboard, on the counter or wherever you need it – the moths will drown in it. Beer will work the same way. The only difference is that you pour some beer into a taller bottle, which you cover with a bottle cap and then secure it firmly to the neck, for example with a rubber band. The mole will get in, but not back out. As a last resort, you can try dried hops, which you can mostly find at the end of the holidays in health food stores or herbalists. Put the hops in paper bags and place them wherever the moths are.



This is how you drive out or kill moths. Once banished from your pantry, these pests will be like a stunned. They will sit all around on the wall, giving you a chance to catch them and get rid of them. Don’t forget prevention, which is often more effective than extermination alone. We recommend not stocking up, clearing out the pantry regularly, throwing out old dry food and preferably investing in some bins. Nowadays you can find decorative jars for flour, rice and other foods. Or simply make one out of larger jars.