For flies in the home without complexity, simple methods work best

The less popular sign that spring is coming is flies in your home. That’s because as soon as it warms up just a bit and the last of the snow melts, it’s time for these pesky insects to arrive. Learn where flies come from in your home after winter and how to effectively get rid of them.

To answer the question of how to exterminate flies in the house, you need to learn a little more about this insect species. Flies are most attracted to garbage, decaying vegetables or fruits, and any organic matter. In its relatively short life span (a fly usually lives 15 days), a fly in your home is enough to chop up annoying problems, which include things like salmonella on your Sunday lunch.

Flies don’t travel very far from their birthplace

A fly usually lives within 3 kilometers of where it was born. It prefers temperatures around 20°C and humidity in its ideal environment should not exceed 80%. If temperatures drop to freezing, the fly can hibernate for up to 6 months. Therefore, with the spring thaw and the first warmer temperatures, every fly around your house wakes up from hibernation and starts living again.


Each fly lays up to 150 eggs on garbage and decaying vegetables, which soon hatch into young flies. So if you don’t remove the rubbish from the house as soon as possible, you can be sure that you won’t get rid of the flies indoors.

Flies are insidiously dangerous in their transmission of disease

These pesky insects are not a health hazard at first glance. This means that flies do not bite, sting or cause allergic reactions. However, they can bring deadly diseases into homes through their habits and behaviour. Among the most risky are:

  • typhoid fever
  • swimmer
  • cholera
  • anthrax
  • tuberculosis

How to get rid of flies in the home?

Among the most well-known and effective methods to eradicate flies from your home are definitely sticky fly traps (better known as “fly swatters”) and fly fishing with a fly swatter. Another and recently very popular method of killing flies is definitely the electric fly trap. Thanks to the minimalist electric discharge, the fly will not survive and you can enjoy a clean, insect-free home. However, this electric insect repeller is not recommended in children’s rooms due to safety reasons.


While they are full of poisonous substances that none of us like to see in the home, they are guaranteed to help you from insects. After applying the fly spray, you can enjoy a clean home after just two hours of use, the spray even kills the larvae that have been pickled. It is recommended to leave the home for at least those two hours when using it.