For insects organically, compared to chemistry it is cheaper and much more effective

Summer evenings are perfect for sitting on the terrace or by the fire. Unfortunately, on such beautiful evenings, you can often be bothered by mosquitoes and other insects that can make you wake up in the morning all stung. Learn how to defend yourself against these insects and what really helps against their bites.

Repellents and repellents full of chemicals can be found in any store or drugstore. But have you tried a gentler and greener version that will protect you just the same? We think you’ll welcome such a version into your home with all ten hands. We’ll advise you which eco-friendly products stinging insects like and which ones they don’t.


Camouflage attracts moisture and sweat

Do you know the most basic smells, scents and elements that mosquitoes and other stinging insects are most attracted to? Floral and fruity scents are definitely among the most basic ones to avoid when spending an evening out.

But the biggest attractions for mosquitoes are lactic acid, carbon dioxide and humidity. So, if you are heading out for an evening run or collegiate evening sports, then you will be the biggest treat for any mosquito. You can easily defend yourself with long sleeves, which will ensure that the mosquito won’t smell your moisture and sweat, in which they will find lactic acid.

Although another tip for luring mosquitoes may sound strange, it’s best to take a shower before coming to sit by the fire in the evening.This will get rid of all the smells and sweat. Also, avoid floral scents and opt for essential oils instead, as these will repel mosquitoes.

Essential oils will protect you from any stinging insects. The most effective ones include:

  • lemongrass oil
  • clove oil
  • eucalyptus oil
  • rosemary oil
  • peppermint

However, remember that some of the essential oils are not suitable for children under 3 years of age and for pregnant women. Therefore, be sure to check first which oil to get for your family members and which will be the most suitable for your household.


Color of clothing matters! A colorful outfit will do you good

Another tip that will definitely surprise you is the importance of the color you choose for a night out. Mosquitoes are attracted to any muted color, black being the most appealing color to them. Conversely, bright and pastel colours will deter mosquitoes, but these flower-like colours will attract other insects.