Fruit tree care is mainly based on the calendar date and the fruit harvest

Trimming and pruning fruit trees should be a regular occurrence when it comes to caring for the fruit trees in your garden. Pruning should be done in an appropriate manner and also at an appropriate time. You can prune each type of fruit tree at a different time.

Apple trees are pruned in autumn, cherry trees after the fruit has been harvested

It really depends on what kind of tree you want to prune. Apple, pear and plum trees should be pruned at the end of February, while peach trees should be pruned when the weather is warmer – when the buds appear on the trees. Shrubs or apricots are best pruned after harvest, as they are less likely to be infected with bacteria.

The shape of the tree’s crown is regulated by cutting out suckers. However, the shape must not be disturbed. Remove the shoots that grow to the bottom first, continuing to the middle of the crown. If you know what the future shape of the crown should look like, it will be easier to work with. Cut 3-4 mm above the bud.


Fruit bushes need to be pruned in a different way

The pruning of shrubs depends mainly on the shoots on which the plant flowers and then bears fruit. For example, redcurrants need to grow on two to four-year-old branches, while blackcurrants need to grow on younger ones. Blackcurrants should be constantly rejuvenated in order to bear fruit. Gooseberries, like redcurrants, should be stored.

Aronia bears fruit on annual shoots as well as on much older ones. It can therefore be cut in spring and autumn. Raspberries usually bear fruit on biennial shoots. So grow them on a two-year cycle in which they will develop. After planting, which should be in spring, put the shoots close to the ground. Only those that will bear fruit the following year will grow. In summer, when you are already harvesting the fruit, you should cut back the fruiting shoots and leave only the young ones that will bear fruit the following year. For both trees and shrubs, care must be taken to ensure that they are pruned correctly, as this can have a bearing on the quantity and quality of the fruit. Therefore, proper tree care should not be underestimated.