Furnishing the bathroom: little things that will make your life easier

Bathroom is an integral and very important part of every apartment or house. The basic guidelines for its equipment are clear and will not surprise anyone too much: a shower is more practical than a bathtub (if you cannot have both due to limited space), ideally the room should have a large enough window to ventilate excess moisture. If you can, avoid placing the toilet in the bathroom and build it in a separate room instead.

What has changed in the bathroom field since we were children?

If you’re only at the design stage for a new bathroom, you’ve probably discovered that current trends are vastly different from the bathrooms most of us grew up with. Plastic trays at the bottom of showers have been replaced by tiles, radiators are disappearing and we often see brick shelves instead of metal or plastic shelves.

Source: Pixabay.com

What not to forget when planning a bathroom

There are steps you can take ahead of time to help you create a user-friendly room that’s easy to relax in, while also being simple to keep clean and free of limescale and mould. Regarding the latter, if you want to avoid an overly humid environment and mold, remember the following:

– electric ventilation,

– in the absence of radiators, a heating ladder for drying towels,

– attention to the shower curtain, it must be able to dry perfectly.

More gadgets to keep your bathroom clean

In an age when most new bathrooms with showers are without a tray, there is often a problem with joints and tiles that are right in the shower. The quality and hardness of the water affects limescale build-up, and ferrous water can stain the tiles and joints brown. Think about this when choosing your tiling and grout colour, it will save you a lot of work. If you’ve got it wrong and have to scrub a clogged shower for ages, a steam cleaner will make it easier. If you’ve opted for a glass screen and are annoyed by dried drips, teach everyone in the household to use a squeegee early on.