Garden chores you should get done on the last day of the year

The most beautiful to-do list in the garden is definitely during December to January. At this point, you’re just checking and finishing everything before the real winter and snow starts. It’s the final check of everything you’ve forgotten about before, and yet you’re guaranteed to get it done before the snow falls. Let’s take a look at what you have to go through. The absolute basics are:

  • hose,
  • feeders,
  • residual leaves,
  • plans for next year.

Closing the water and cleaning up everything that no longer belongs in the garden

Do you still have water hoses outside now? Then hide them quickly so they don’t burst during the frost. So should your outdoor water supply. If you have a large fence, you should make sure that large animals such as deer, deer or wild boar, of which there will be many now, don’t get over it and move everywhere. This concern is important, of course, for those who live in the countryside.


A final garden clean-up is also important. If you have any flowering plants that could be damaged by high winds or snow, you need to tidy them inside. Are there leaves piled up on the lawn, walkways or driveway that need one more raking? Don’t leave it until spring. Caterpillars and other creatures can linger under the leaves and overwinter there, ruining your flower beds come spring.

Prepare your feeders early

Bird feeders should be anchored well into the ground before it freezes completely. The same goes for flagpoles or other devices to indicate where the driveway ends and the lawn begins. When the ground freezes, you won’t be able to do any of this and you may have to hang the bird feeder somewhere, even if you didn’t originally plan to do so.


In December, you can also quickly store the last of your parsley and sage in the freezer and start planning for next season. It may seem pointless, but it’s really fun. Evaluate how your flower, fruit and vegetable garden looked and performed this year. And what would you change next time. Make a list now of what you want to plant, when and what you need to buy to do it.