Gender reveal party or a party to reveal the sex of the expected offspring

In the course of the pregnancy, at the 20th week, parents – if they wish – can find out from the gynaecologist whether they are expecting a girl or a boy, or, if there are more than one baby, what sex they will be.

In foreign countries, mainly in Anglo-Saxon culture, but not only there, so-called gender reveal parties, i.e. parties whose purpose is to reveal the sex of the expected offspring or offspring, are very popular.

Two main types of gender reveal parties

These parties are of two types, namely:

  • the kind where the parents themselves only find out at the party whether they are expecting a girl or a boy (usually someone close to the family is the bearer of the secret until then), or
  • the kind where the parents already know the sex of the baby and want to prepare a surprise for other family members and friends.

Similar parties are starting to be organised in our country too, but so far these are rather exceptional cases. If you are interested in this way of announcing the baby’s gender, we have some of the most traditional ways of revealing it that are used around the world.


How to prepare for a party

You can also easily find various videos on the internet for inspiration, as families often record these parties and also post them. It is not uncommon to find a video where the original plan of the organizers did not work out for various reasons, which can serve not only to entertain you but also to avoid making the same mistakes.

The main distinguishing criteria is the colour, blue for the boy and pink for the girl.

The most common ways of discovering the secret of whether a baby will be male or female include:

Secret box

In a large mystery box, balloons of the appropriate colour are kept, filled with helium. When opened, the balloons will pop out of the box and head towards the sky, so the moment of surprise is guaranteed.

Confetti filled balloon

In videos from gender reveal parties you will very often see a large black inflatable balloon filled with confetti of the appropriate colour. The balloon has to be punctured and then the confetti is blown into the surrounding area. You just have to remember to hold the balloon well, because it happens that the needle or pin does not pierce the balloon, but the pressure releases it from the grip and it flies away without giving away its secret.


You can have a cake baked with the appropriate colour cream or batter and after cutting, the sweet secret is literally revealed.


You can also purchase a tube from which confetti will shoot out at a certain moment and reveal what kind of baby you are expecting.