Get inspiration on how to decorate your home in style with a rug

Not all of us have enough money to buy a real handmade Persian rug for our home. But that doesn’t mean anything. In fact, there are plenty of more affordable options on the market today, and even more different designs. In today’s article, however, we’ll be looking at something a little different. If you have already chosen your dream rug, take a look with us at where you can place it. Choose the right place for your rug!

Layer or divide a space

When you use more than one rug in a space, you create a much more interesting and striking design element. If you deliberately choose motifs that contrast, your room will look original and fresh. For example, place side by side

  • bold and clean geometric patterns
  • stripes and flowers

It is a good idea to choose rugs of approximately the same size that complement each other in material, colour and style. Don’t be afraid to choose two very similar designs. Another way a rug can be used is to divide a space with it. For example, you can use it to divide the kitchen from the dining room in one open space or create a small reading nook in the living room. Just lay a rug in the intended place and place furniture on top of it.


Hang it on the wall

This method is very popular especially in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. But forget the heavy and dusty carpets you know from your travels. On an unused wall above your bed, for example, you can place any stylish rug that suits your interior. It’s perfect for a bohemian home, or for those of you who would like to decorate a wall but can’t afford anything permanent.

Kitchen Rug

Doesn’t it fit? And why not. Choose a smaller format with longer two walls. A rug like this is great for the kitchen, hallway, patio, instead of a doormat or on the side of the bed. It will instantly brighten up the space and make it a little cosier.