Get rid of toilet odour with cloves or shaving foam

A smelly toilet is a very unpleasant situation, especially when guests are visiting. However, we have a solution that will solve this problem very quickly!

Cloves as a refresher

Use this tip to perfume your eau de toilette. After flushing, the scent of cloves will dissipate from the toilet. You will only need four things for this freshener:

  • 15 g of cloves
  • clove
  • nylon thread
  • adhesive tape

You can use the bead, for example, from a tea cosy, or sew it from a material that is thin, tightly woven, with small holes. Fine tulle is perfect for this, it meets all the requirements.

The procedure is quite simple. Put the cloves in a bag, which needs to be tied with nylon thread. Make a few tight knots. Place the pouch on the edge of the toilet so that it gets wet with water each time you flush. Use adhesive tape to secure it, which won’t be bothered too much by moisture and possible water. It is important that it lasts for a few days so you don’t have to change it every day.

Shaving foam


This method is especially appreciated by moms of little boys who have only recently learned to use the toilet. Little boys often have the problem of not flushing all their urine down the toilet, so pee is often not only on the floor but also on the walls. The urine then starts to smell and mums spend a lot of time with a cloth in their hand trying to remove the smell.

One woman in Australia, however, has discovered an ingenious thing. She found that if you put shaving foam on the toilet and floor and leave it on for a few hours, the unpleasant smell disappears very quickly. The principle is simple, shaving foam has been found to destroy urine crystals that have taken hold where they have no business being. You might think that the foam would just cover up the smell, but it doesn’t, it actually removes it.

So you’d find hundreds of thank you comments on social media, even with photos attached, where women praise how effective this product is.