Globus will not have an Advent hour of silence this year. It is dedicated to Czech artists who lost the opportunity to perform

Globus has decided to financially support Czech singers and music groups who, due to the pandemic, are unable to pass on their art to the people and also lack financial means. Despite these limitations, they will hold their concerts in the pandemic. They will hold them in Globus hypermarkets from 4 December to 11 December daily from 5 pm to 6 pm. Debbi, Klára Výtisková, the band Nebe, O5 and Radeček, Kateřina Marie Tichá and others will play for the public via the hypermarkets’ radio.

Famous performers have prepared personal playlists of their songs especially for the occasion and added encouraging messages for everyone in these difficult times. Globus has thus cancelled its traditional „hour of silence” at Advent time for this year, and dedicated it to supporting Czech artists.


For several years in a row, the Globe has observed an hour of silence, with no music, throughout Advent. Every day, it turned off the radios in hypermarkets during peak shopping hours so that customers could shop in peace for Christmas in a hectic time. But this year is different. „There is no cultural outlet, social contacts are limited. It occurred to us that this is not a good time for a quiet hour this year. On the contrary, we need to encourage people and financially support Czech artists who have lost the opportunity to perform,&#8220 explained Lutfia Volfová, spokeswoman for Globus hypermarkets. Despite the fact that Globus hypermarkets are equal in size to large concert halls, it was not possible to invite artists to Globus to perform in person because of the situation surrounding the coronavirus. „We therefore approached the artists to see if they would put together their own concert playlists for us to provide to our customers. The performers themselves then also came up with the idea of recording their personal messages and greeting people through us,&#8220 added Lutfia Volf. Ten excellent Czech performers – Debbi, Klára Výtisková, Kateřina Marie Tichá, Nebe, Voxel, O5 and Radeček, Vesna, Jakub Děkan, Snap Call and the band Kofein will be playing in fifteen hypermarkets in the afternoon throughout the week. And what about the performers themselves, who were approached by Globus?


Klára Vytisková: „I don’t usually make playlists of my songs, but my kids make playlists of their songs, so I listen to it while I cook and they dance to it 🙂 I thought I’d put some old Toxique stuff in the special playlist for the Globe, and also songs from the new Love Is Gold album and the Home album, which is exactly what Christmas is about – sitting around a table, talking and just being together. I wish everyone at the Globe a great shopping spree!&#8220

Patricia Fux of Vesna „We are so grateful for this supportive gesture from Globus in these difficult times. Bigger and smaller bands and performers now need to be given hope that being an artist is still worthwhile.“