Green housing is a great opportunity for new real estate projects

Ecology has been a hot topic in recent years and is making its way into all disciplines. It is reflected in shopping, products, agriculture and you will find this topic in bookstores in abundance. Surprisingly, the topic has also touched the real estate market. The design and construction of so-called passive or low-energy houses has gradually begun. What is their charm?

  • They provide greater living comfort and you can enjoy thermal comfort in all rooms throughout the year.
  • You enjoy extremely low heating and electricity costs.
  • You have a constant supply of fresh air without draughts.

What is green living all about?

The absolute basis is good insulation, which protects the interior from overheating during the summer, while keeping you comfortably warm inside during the winter. All houses with a similar designation have electric underfloor heating, use photovoltaic panels and have good quality insulation. Wood panelling or cork flooring is mainly used for these purposes. But that’s not all.


Water saving

A handy gadget is rainwater harvesting tanks, which are good for watering the garden. But you can go further and use it in your bathroom too. In this case, you can rely on premium brands such as Kaldewei or Villeroy&Boch. You can see the look of such houses in the ALEA project in Brno, for example. The purchase price of one house is the same as for a regular four-room apartment in Brno.

Huge possibilities

Buying an already built low-energy house is one option. However, you will also find a number of companies on the Czech market that will be happy to design it exactly according to your requirements, wishes and possibilities. So you don’t have to move to Brno because of your desire for eco-friendly living. It is important that the house meets the high requirements for insulation, heating, LED lighting, water tanks, etc. This is the only way to live green and save a lot of money.