Guttering on gutters is a common hazard, property owners advise effective removal methods

Rampouch is a body of ice that is formed by the gradual freezing of water droplets to form a shape resembling a stalactite. It most often has a vertical top-down direction due to gravity. Most of us like it because it adds a beautiful touch to winter. But sometimes we forget that they can be very dangerous.

How are icicles formed?

The main cause of icicles is heat, which melts the lower layers of snow accumulated on the roof. The water thus formed flows out around the edges. It then settles on the roof gutters, where it freezes under the influence of the negative temperature. The lower the temperature, the more icicles form.


How can icicles be prevented?

What you need to do first is keep your gutters clean. The more debris there is, the more likely it is that water containing it will flow over their edges. And this, in turn, will lead to the formation of icicles under the influence of low temperatures. The main thing is to keep the gutters free of all clutter. Gutters most often contain feathers and bird droppings, bits of branches and leaves falling from trees, bags and other rubbish brought in by the wind. Another way to prevent icicles is to install appropriate heating cables. By using these in the winter when the temperature drops, you will be able to prevent icicles from forming in advance by warming up the gutters.


Remove or leave alone?

If icicles have already formed, you definitely need to remove them. It is the responsibility of the building manager to do this. Ramps falling from heights can damage the health of passers-by and in extreme cases even lead to death. How to proceed with the removal of icicles? As these are most often works at height, you need to equip yourself with equipment that will make them easy to access. The safest option is to rent a basket lift. Another alternative is scaffolding. However, please note that you need a little more time to use this option. Above all, remember your safety when working at heights.

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