Halloween is fast approaching, decorate your home with unusual pumpkins

Halloween is crazy for us Czechs too and no wonder, this day is really magical. Children dress up in costume, light up beautiful carved pumpkins and enjoy a spooky evening. Of course, carved pumpkins only last a few days and they start to rot or mould. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we’ve put together an idea that will keep your pumpkins looking nice all fall season long. One of the best, most effective and most convenient ways is to paint your pumpkins. How to paint and with what colour?

Pumpkins that last

I’m sure we all love beautiful seasonal decorations that create the right atmosphere in our homes, be it autumn, winter or otherwise. However, such beautiful decorations don’t always last, which is why we decided to change direction slightly and have come up with an idea that anyone can do, whether a child or a creative artist. Plus, your pumpkins will stay in good condition for several weeks. Decorate your home and the surroundings of your house with decorative pumpkins and delight every visitor. What will it take?

Source: Pixabay.com


  • Pumpkin – but preferably butternut squash
  • Chalk paint – preferably two
  • News
  • Brush – narrow and wide


We chose chalk paint for painting pumpkins because it works so well. They give a beautiful matte finish when dry, they don’t rub off, they cover perfectly and they are water-based paints.

Cover your work surface with newspaper and get all your supplies ready. The best colours for painting pumpkin are black and white, these stand out the most. If you like other colours, feel free to experiment. Even pink and grey can be the perfect decoration for modern apartments. First, wipe the pumpkin with a damp cloth to remove any dirt. Then take a thicker brush and paint the whole pumpkin. Let it dry for at least one hour. Once there are no wet spots on the pumpkin, you can prepare the second paint. Now your creativity opens the door wide. You can paint wide or narrow horizontal brush lines, a scary face, stars, polka dots and many more.