Have you gained weight but don’t know the reason?

Surely all of us are familiar with the fluctuations in body weight over time. One time it’s a sprained ankle and three weeks on the sofa, another time it’s a great birthday party or a lovely Christmas holiday. But what happens when the weight goes up in a very short time without any of the above or similar origins? In this case, it may be a sign of deteriorating health. What is behind the rapid onset of weight gain?  


Some medications, mostly for chronic diseases, cause rapid weight gain. This can be as much as two kilograms a month. If you are taking medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, depression or other mental disorders, or antihistamines that increase your appetite and your weight is rising rapidly and unusually, you should consult your GP to discuss the circumstances and other options. Most of the time you can avoid this problem by changing your lifestyle, other times by exercising. 

Source: Pixabay.com

Smoking Cessation

Other possible causes include smoking cessation, where the weight can climb by more than five kilograms in a month. The nicotine contained in cigarettes suppresses appetite, if you stop taking it, the body will subsequently show withdrawal symptoms that lead to overeating. Most people quitting smoking report that the highest weight gain is for the first three months, after which the weight should stabilise or you should start shedding the excess pounds.

Kidney problems

Sudden weight gain and swelling may indicate kidney disease. If your kidneys aren’t working as they should, your body may retain water, which certainly leads to more weight. Kidney disease draws attention to itself with swollen ankles, heaviness in the legs. Subsequently, you may also observe symptoms such as increased fatigue, minimal urination, foamy urine, loss of appetite, headaches, joint pain. If you observe these problems on yourself, see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. Of course, there are more reasons for weight gain:

  • Thyroid disease
  • Polycystic ovaries
  • Somnolence, stress  

Sometimes gaining weight is a trivial matter, other times a more complicated matter. Most of the time, increasing age or poor lifestyle changes are to blame. However, if you are noticing the above symptoms in yourself, eating well and getting enough exercise, seek medical advice and consult a doctor.