He stopped buying toadstools since he could get rid of flies with a regular soda bottle.

In summer we like to open our windows and doors to breathe in the fragrant and fresh air. The perfect season to keep the house or apartment in good condition. Due to ventilation, moisture is not trapped in the house, hence you avoid mould. But unfortunately, on the other hand, it opens the windows for pesky insects. More specifically, flies that crawl on our food and other things. There are several ways to get rid of them.

Why are flies so annoying

Why do flies like being in our houses so much? It’s simple. Even flies are hungry, and above all, they have a perfect sense of smell. Flies fly after the smells and scents that waft from our houses, which attract them immensely. But it’s not just the food from our leftovers, the sour smell and other tempting goodies for these unpleasant insects. It’s also light, warmth and safety, so when you open windows that don’t have nets on them, they simply fly in.

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Possible health hazards

Flies in the house may be annoying, but they don’t sting or bite, which is why many of us don’t realize the potential health risks. Flies are attracted to garbage, rotting leftovers and other food we throw away, which they then chew, leaving behind brown or yellow stains, known as fly droppings. These droppings, which can be everywhere – on food, dishes and elsewhere, contain a large number of bacteria and carry a variety of diseases. It is for this reason that it will be ideal to get rid of these flying insects as quickly as possible and prevent the spread of disease.

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Keep them away

Have you noticed any flies in your home? You could use fly swatters to kill them off, but they are an annoying thing that visually looks unsightly, plus they like to stick to anything. If it sticks to your clothes, you won’t wash them. If you get flypaper stuck to your walls or furniture, it will be difficult to clean, which can lead to permanent damage to furniture. Instead of flypaper, you can use other tricks to trap or repel flies.

Effective fly repellent

To catch flies, you can use your own crafty traps. For this, you can use a plastic bottle that you cut off about five inches below the neck. Now, place a piece of sausage or some syrup in the bottom of the bottle and place the second cut off part without the cap with the neck in the first cut off part. This creates a container with a funnel. Hang the trap in a quiet place. The smell will make the flies fly in, but they won’t get out easily. When you have trapped a few flies, pull them out and reuse them as needed. If you have used sausage as bait, replace it as it will certainly smell.