Helping pets survive the big freeze is easy, but not every animal requires the procedure

People wear warm coats, thick socks and a hat for winter. But how do you keep your pet from getting cold outside? It relies on your good will and creativity. Although it may seem like it at first glance, nature has given dogs and cats everything they need to survive the cold weather.

Fur may protect pets, but when the temperature drops below a certain level, they don’t feel well either. Before you take your dog out for a walk, think about how you can make being outside easier for them. 


First thing’s first, turn off the heating

Before you go outside, turn off the heat. You’ll reduce the difference between the warm room and the cold outside, and the transition will be less painful for your pet. In addition, overheating the home has a negative impact on the immune system and respiratory health. 

Get your pet a warm coat as well. However, when buying clothes for your pooch, not only focus on matching them, but also pay attention to the choice of material the clothes are made of. You can find a wide range of jackets and coats in pet shops, but some of them are just stylish pieces that won’t protect against the cold. 

Be sure not to buy your pet a variety of ornaments:

  • Bowels
  • Decorations
  • Perfect patterns

In winter they will not provide any comfort, on the contrary they might disturb them while walking, moreover if they are with a bell or some other tinkling decoration. In addition, some animals cannot tolerate these decorations on them at all and may find them stressful. 


Dress your little ones only in comfortable materials

Be sure not to give your dogs metal collars for the winter, as they can keep the cold out and the dogs will be that much colder. Before you go for a walk, don’t forget about cosmetics too – apply petroleum jelly to the pads of your pet’s paws to prevent frostbite. After the walk, wipe the melting snow off his paws and dry his coat. Reward him with a small treat and then snuggle up together under a warm blanket.