Herbs that you must not miss at home

The magic of herbs was already known to our ancestors. In times past, people often went to the herbalist to help them with their ailments and troubles, rather than to a doctor. And the spice witches helped many sick people to solve their difficulties. The effects of herbs have been so legendary until today, when many people choose the path of natural treatment, rather than „pouring&#8220 chemical drugs“. The following can be prepared from herbs:

  • syrups
  • teas
  • ointments
  • potions
  • tinctures

Get ready for winter

Already in autumn, the season of flu and respiratory diseases begins. Be sure to include linden blossom, motherwort, mint and plantain among the essential herbs that will come in handy during this period to help with your cough. Burdock and sage will work for sore throats. Prepare a tea from burdock, perhaps a whole pot, to sip throughout the day. Gargle sage decoction at least five times a day. Herbs can be picked and dried throughout the summer, some even in early autumn. If you haven’t managed to make a supply, don’t despair, you can buy already blended mixtures or even individual sachets, with these natural helpers, at the pharmacy or smaller herb or health food shops. You can then mix the herbs at home, according to your own taste, or drink the decoctions individually. If you also mix in dried rose hips, you won’t go wrong.


Have you heard of the rhyme tree? If you haven’t, pay attention now. You can easily grow this miracle at home outside your window with just a rhizome of this plant. It is a very undemanding herb that can be grown not only in soil but also hydroponically. The more you pinch the shoots, the faster it will grow. It is suitable for making syrup, ointment or tea. You can use it for example:

  • rhyme
  • bronchial problems
  • light burns and abrasions
  • headaches

Thanks to its very strong aroma, it can also be made into a natural repellent. It can also be used to scent jams, but be careful to only put a small amount, it is really very aromatic, but you will find out for yourself if you try it.

Source: pixabay.com


Most herbs can also be added to dishes, where they add a new dimension to food and often enhance the flavour.

Basil and oregano can be used especially in Italian dishes, they are great in spaghetti, lasagna and on pizza. Thyme can be used not only in the Czech classic – sirloin, but also in marinades for meat or in various dips. Be sure to add coriander to oriental dishes. The broth can not do without parsley or chervil. The strong aroma of rosemary is suitable for grilled meats, fish or game. And what about dill sauce? Do you like dill or are you one of its opponents? We also have chives, tarragon, chervil, sage, wormwood and many more. Let us know in the comments what your favourite herb is. You can also add a recipe to inspire others.