Here’s a trick to keep your eggs fresh

Did you know that you can keep an ordinary egg in the freezer? Simply pop it into an ice cube tray and you can store it for up to a year. The taste of the eggs will change only minimally, they will taste just like fresh ones.

The process is very simple

If you want to preserve the egg whole, poach it in the molds. But you can prepare the white and yolk separately or save only one part. Most of the time, the white is left over when baking and it’s a shame to throw it away. Then put the eggs in the freezer for about two hours (until set). Then remove them from the molds – if you can’t, put them in hot water for a minute and the eggs will loosen. Once frozen, you can then put them in a bag or other, larger container. If you want to use the eggs, leave them at room temperature and use them for standard cooking.


Put other foods on ice too

In addition to eggs, you can also freeze other foods that you normally find at home. You can prepare them and have them fresh at hand at any time. Freezing is the best way to preserve food without losing its vitamins and minerals.

  • Most of us freeze our stock, it can then be used for sauces
  • Try freezing coffee too, it comes in handy in the hot summer
  • Citron juice together with herbs can be used in sauces or desserts
  • Freeze fresh herbs with olive oil

Another food is ginger. This is mainly used in winter, it is used a lot in tea during flu season. If you peel and grate it, then store it in the formers, it’s as cold as when you find it. You can also use it as a spice in cooking.

Unusual foods in the freezer

Did you know that you can freeze things like hard cheeses? Some of the most well-known ones are mozzarella, parmesan or eidam. But cheese can crumble when you take it out of the freezer. They will keep frozen for about 4 months. Nuts are best stored in an airtight container or bag. You can leave them loose at room temperature or use them frozen in baking, you just have to allow for a longer baking time.