How not to break your back when raking leaves and how to do your gardening in no time

Raking leaves is an exhausting day’s work for me and my family, and we always end up whimpering over aching limbs. But that’s because we’ve never tried anything other than a rake. But as we’ll learn in this article, there are more than one way to rake and gather leaves.

Leaves can cause many problems for gardeners

Although it looks innocent, and how many times it creates a beautiful scene, leaves can become a real problem. If not removed in time, they can form an increasingly thick layer. If it rains a few times, the leaves will retain moisture and your carefully tended lawn will rot. And it’s not just a problem for low plants. Leaves can also get caught on conifers and form yellow patches. That’s why something needs to be done about the gradually accumulating leaves.


How to get them out of your garden

First of all, it depends on the size of your garden. If your plot is smaller, a rake and a broom will really be enough. But those who have a larger lawn may find it hard to choose this option. There are a few devices that can help you.

  • blowers – we can use them to get the leaves in one place
  • mowers – not only will it cut your lawn, but it will also get rid of leaves
  • mowing tractors – a fun and convenient option for owners of larger gardens

You also need to take extra care with gutters and downspouts. Although it may not seem like it, leaves build up there along with other debris and can clog your gutters. The water will then have nowhere to run and can cause considerable damage to your façade. And don’t forget about the paths. There’s no danger of your lawn dying, but if you leave fallen leaves on them, they can freeze and, if you’re not careful, you can slip on them. It is therefore important not to forget anything and to rake the leaves carefully. If there is little, don’t worry about it, as it will provide a nice cover for the lawn to hibernate under.