How to choose a washing powder that will fulfill its purpose

You may know it, you buy an expensive washing powder and expect a perfect result. But instead, the powder doesn’t dissolve, leaves stains, or even bleaches colored laundry. Unfortunately, price often doesn’t guarantee quality, and a great advertisement implies a great product. On the other hand, it’s not always the manufacturer’s fault. Sometimes improper use is also behind a bad result. Therefore, when choosing a detergent, take into account not only the price and quality, but also its intended use.

Laundry powder

Laundry powder in bulk form is especially suitable for very dirty laundry. If you have small children, you probably won’t be a stranger to pants covered in mud or grass or a t-shirt covered in tomato sauce. The powder is ideal for this dirt, especially if it’s white laundry, as the bleach will keep the clothes beautifully white. Another undeniable advantage is its versatility and its wide temperature range, which ranges from 30 to 90 °C. Just be careful with coloured laundry, where bleach could be harmful, so always make sure the powder is free of it.


Washing Gels

You’ll appreciate these gels if you need to wash at high temperatures, as they contain higher amounts of non-ionic tensides that protect the fibers. You’ll also be pleased to know that the gels don’t leave a white residue of undissolved powder, nor do they cause colour fading. So you can wash both black and coloured laundry without worrying about losing saturation. The perfect detergent, you say? Almost. I guess the only downside is that washing gels don’t do much for heavier stains. But if you don’t have small children, you’ll appreciate it.

  • High temperature washing
  • Absolute solubility
  • Preservation of original colours

Washable Tablets

Tablets have similar properties to gels, but are much more versatile. They are inserted directly into the drum of the washing machine, so they are more effective in removing stains from coloured and black laundry. They also dissolve better and contain a higher concentration of active ingredients compared to powders. The downside? There is one, and that is the higher purchase price.