How to clean a clogged drain without chemicals and effectively

Line up an unpleasant odor from your sink? Does the water drain badly? No wonder, the waste has to absorb the grease and food debris left on the plate in a day. Of course, don’t worry, a clogged sink drain is a common problem that can be solved without chemicals. Solve clogged drains with DIY techniques and save the environment.

Method one – salt and vinegar

The number one solution will be to clean the waste using two ingredients that I’m sure everyone has in their pantry at home. Mix half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of salt. Stir the mixture and pour it all down the clogged drain. We recommend covering the opening of the drain with a cloth or sponge, for example, and leaving it for about half an hour. After this time, check the waste, if the mixture is dissolved, pour hot water and detergent over the waste. If your waste is heavily clogged, repeat this procedure once more.


Method two – coarse salt, water, baking soda

If your drain is so clogged that it won’t drain, and instead is “bubbling”, we have a second, more effective recipe to help dissolve the grease and clear the drain. Mix five tablespoons of baking soda, five tablespoons of coarse salt and pour this mixture into the drain. Heat 200 ml of water to boiling point and pour into the bulk waste. It is recommended to stand well away from the waste. After a few minutes, when the water has drained slightly, use a long and narrow brush to aid in the drainage of water and to slightly clean the top of the waste. Then add hot water and detergent once more to remove any residue.

Method three – salt and water

Water and salt is used for a slightly clogged sink that drains, but very slowly. Pour five to six tablespoons of salt down the drain and then pour 500 ml of boiling water over the salt. Again, cover with a cloth or sponge and leave for half an hour. After the time has elapsed, uncover the cloth and pour 500 ml of boiling water with dishwashing detergent over the waste. You can also use washing powder mixed with boiling water.