How to design and build a conservatory correctly?

The winter garden is nowadays a part of almost every new building. How to choose the right side of the world on which to build it? What to have it made of? It depends on several factors. Certainly the most important thing is to establish what you actually expect from a conservatory. By determining its size, shape or even the material it is built from, you can use the conservatory either just for relaxation, as a greenhouse or also a dining area. There are no limits to your imagination. What are the advantages of each side of the world?

  • South side saves on interior heating costs
  • North-facing allows shade in summer but more heating in winter
  • East side will offer you daily sunrises
  • The west side, on the other hand, will tempt you to enjoy the sunsets in the early evening

Gardens can be cheap or expensive, what materials to choose?

You can build a garden with different materials – aluminium, plastic or wood. Sliding walls are very popular and practical; suddenly you have a spacious terrace behind your conservatory where you can enjoy the beautiful weather. We have to put a lot of emphasis on heating or ventilation. If we use the conservatory as a dining room, for example, more heat will be needed than if the garden is a greenhouse full of flowers.

What to look out for when building?

The most important thing is the choice of material. You shouldn’t skimp on it. Plastic is definitely not suitable for the roof or supporting columns. Aluminum, on the other hand, excels in durability and strength. Another important parameter is the aforementioned orientation of the garden. This is also related to the correct glazing. In a south-facing garden, it is advisable to use solar control glass. On the north side it will be cooler and it is better to use insulating glass. Whatever you decide, you must also take into account the position of the house itself. Design your conservatory and then use it as you wish, whether it becomes a relaxation zone or a room for your flowers.