How to get out of a marital quarrel with a clean slate

Every one of us sometimes gets overwhelmed. Arguments and friction are somehow inherent in a relationship between two people. Even though we always promise ourselves that we won’t fight anymore, a few days later it happens again. Even newlyweds can’t avoid the occasional conflict. In today’s article, we have prepared some tips on how to end the quarrel with dignity and settle the tension. Endless arguing leads nowhere and, hand on heart, no argument has a real winner. Learn how to do it.

Acknowledge the error

Although it is a very difficult thing to do, sometimes you need to put your head down and admit that you have done something wrong. But be warned – it doesn’t have to be that way. Even though you know the truth is on your side, sometimes in order to keep the peace it is necessary for you to back down. Surprise your partner by doing the following

  • stop shouting
  • smile warmly at your partner
  • hug them and show your love

You will see that the argument will end immediately and there will be no trace of the clouds on your counterpart’s forehead. Do not always try to corner the other. And certainly not to humiliate him. If you realise that the conflict has reached a deadlock, reverse gear.


Definitely never do this

The worst thing you can do is leave a conflict open. You must always close the argument. This is the only way to end the problem and not have to go back to it again. Who wants to argue about the same thing over and over again? No one. And yet a great many couples do exactly that. Don’t be one of them.

Watch what you say. In a moment of anger, we are capable of saying things we don’t mean. Just to hurt another, we reach to the very bottom. And neither of you need to do that. Behave yourselves. Try to talk less and think more before you let anything out of your mouth. Another thing you shouldn’t do is open old wounds. Did your husband hurt you some time ago? If it’s a closed matter, don’t bring it back up again.