How to have soft towels even after several washes

Do you also love the feeling of wrapping yourself in a fluffy and soft towel after a warm bath? Who wouldn’t! Unfortunately, over time, even the best quality towels become hard and rough after a while. Some even get rough after the first wash, which isn’t very comforting. However, there is a solution. Would you also like to know how to restore towels to their original softness? We’ll tell you in this article, and it’s not fabric softener!

Why fabric softener doesn’t work

A very common mistake is to add fabric softener to towels after washing. Most people think this will soften the towels. However, this is a big mistake. More fabric softener does more harm than good. Why is that? The reason is simple. The excess liquid, instead of softening the towels, settles on the fibres, causing the fibres to stick together, causing the towels to:

  • Will not absorb as much moisture
  • They will take longer to dry
  • become rough and hard

Vinegar and soda

Two all-natural and harmless ingredients will serve you much better than fabric softener: baking soda and vinegar. And the process is not difficult. If you’ve got your laundry on the classic programme, pour a glass of vinegar into the washing powder compartment and half a glass of baking soda into the other rinse compartment and start washing. The vinegar will dissolve the detergent residue and the baking soda will soften the material. This will make your towels look like new again after washing! Beautifully soft and pleasant to the touch. You can repeat this process whenever you need it. It also works great on worn and old clothes.


Correct drying

To make sure you don’t spoil the result right after washing, make sure you dry it properly too. Definitely don’t place the towels on the radiator, the heat could damage the fibres and they could break. Use a tumble dryer with a suitable programme. But if you don’t have one, don’t hang your head. A simple line outdoors in the fresh air or a rack at home by an open window will do just as well.