How to have soft towels even after several years? We have some tips for you

The newly purchased towels are soft and smooth to the touch. But after several uses and especially washes, they lose their softness and also their suction. But there are a few tricks you can use to give the towels back their lost softness.

Helpers that can be found in every household

Everyone can find a baking soda at home. But did you know it’s also a great product for softening used towels? Just dip them in hot water with a little soda. This is because frequent use of fabric softener creates a layer on the towels that, over time, causes the towel to harden.

Another great helper is vinegar. It is usually used in combination with washing powder and replaces fabric softener. But some people wash only in vinegar. It helps remove stains and softens.

If you’re thinking about a dryer, don’t hesitate

Another, albeit more expensive, great helper is a tumble dryer. Towels shouldn’t be dried in direct sunlight, as this causes the train to harden. Put towels in the dryer once in a while and they will be wonderfully soft.


If you don’t already do this, after each time you buy new towels, wash them before the first use. This will get the kind of wax out of them that stays in the fibers. You can use the baking soda process and dry the towels either in a shady place or in the dryer.

There are some rules to follow when washing 

The wishing process itself can affect the softness and smoothness of towels. 

  • Never fill the washing machine to the brim
  • Use gel rather than loose powder 
  • Wash different coloured towels separately 

These are the most important tips to help you when washing. A small amount of gel is all you need and your towels will wash better. 

The good news for housewives is the fact that towels should not be ironed. It affects their softness. It is better to shake out the towels and fold them properly.