How to hide unsightly cables in the interior

Are you also annoyed by unsightly cables, from household appliances that are located in your home? Cables look unsightly, especially in the living room, and a protruding TV cable can be quite annoying. Hiding them will make your apartment or house look tidier and cleaner than having cables sticking out all over the place. We’ve got a few tips on how to hide them for you.


Wondering how to disguise the cables that run along the wall? Try skirting boards, it’s a very elegant way to hide them. The very best way is with skirting boards, which have a removable outer side, making it very easy to hide the cables.


A cable cabinet, or also a box, is a storage space that can easily hide not only cables, but also chargers or extension cords. Nowadays, there are a large number of them on the market, in different designs and sizes, so almost everyone can choose.


Cable grommets are designed for furniture. They are mainly used in kitchens where a pull-out panel with drawers can be built into the kitchen worktop. It is a very elegant solution that does not disturb the interior.


More options

Other options we can use are:

  • cable clamps
  • cable stockings
  • fabric covered cables

Of course, there are many more possibilities, and creativity plays a role in some of them. You can also hide the cables behind furniture, paint them or otherwise decorate them. If you’re creative, you can even turn unsightly cables into a work of art for your guests to admire.

Building modifications

If none of these options appeals to you, you can proceed with building modifications, where the cables are hidden in the wall. If you’re planning a renovation or building a house and you know what you’re going to have and where, you can easily hide the cables under the plaster. For this you will need a so-called „gooseneck“ in which the cables are hidden. This solution is suitable for hanging televisions, for example.