How to make baked tea from autumn fruits

A mug of warm, fragrant tea is sure to delight and warm you in this autumn season. Its preparation is very simple and easy. You will mainly need plenty of autumn fruits to suit your taste, so that you have a supply of tea and suitable spices such as cinnamon or cloves. Then you can start preparing and experimenting. There are lots of combinations for baked tea, but you can start with this recipe:


  • 2 kilos of autumn fruits
  • about 500 g-1 kg sugar
  • sorrel to taste
  • 10 cloves
  • sparrows

Other fruits

Autumn is the time for apples, pears and plums, but you can also use grapes, for example, feel free to use dried raisins, then pieces of pumpkin or one or two oranges to bring out the flavour. The fruit can be fresh or frozen and you can use pretty much any fruit except bananas.



If you follow the recipe above, then cut the apples, pears and plums into small cubes in an approximate 1:1:1 ratio. Then wash the oranges or lemons in hot water, whichever you choose. Leave the grapes, raisins and rose hips whole. Then mix all the fruit in a bowl and season with cinnamon and cloves. Sprinkle with sugar. You can use less sugar than indicated. It’s up to your preference how sweet you want your tea to be. If you like tea with an alcoholic flavour, add 2 dl of rum before baking.

Baking tea:

Place the prepared fruit mixture (except rosehips to preserve the vitamin C) on a baking tray and bake in the oven at 180°C for about 30-45 minutes. The fruit will roast beautifully, release their juices and develop a nice fragrance. About ten minutes before the end of baking, add the rose hips and then remove the baking sheet. Stir and fill the prepared clean jars while still warm (i.e. immediately). Cap and turn upside down. Once the tea has cooled, store it in a dark, cool place. The tea is then served by putting 3-4 teaspoons into a mug and pouring hot water over it.