How to make flower pots in the comfort of home

Plastic bottles and their uses – have you ever thought of using them to make little pots to plant herbs and some vegetables in? Large plastic bottles of five litres are the best size to hold herbs or tomatoes.

How to create a home garden on your balcony

You can start your own home garden full of herbs or small vegetables on your balcony. You don’t have to buy expensive pots, plastic bottles are great. Basil or small cucumbers will grow well on your balcony or windowsill. You can also try peppers or dwarf tomatoes.

Smaller bottles of 1.5-2 litres could be used for seedlings, but this is not recommended as it is then difficult to pull the seedling root ball out of the bottle without it falling apart. But if you can’t get any other bottles, you can try using them. Lack of space for the plants to grow can also be a problem.


Making it is easy and playful

How to make flower pots? Just get a few large plastic bottles, you can also ask your friends and acquaintances to collect them. Wash the bottles first and also remove the labels. Then cut off the top of the bottle with scissors. You can recycle them or use them as frost covers. You can collect the lids and donate them to a charity or use them in other ways.

With a large nail that you heat in the flame of a gas stove, make holes in the bottom of the bottle. It shouldn’t be hard, but be careful. Such a pot:

  • will last several seasons
  • very easy to wash
  • doesn’t crack
  • does not change color

Plants shouldn’t even mind that the pots are transparent. The downside may be that it will be difficult to remove the root ball, which usually always breaks down. It is therefore best to plant herbs in plastic bottles that no longer need to be repotted. If you decide to grow basil, you can then prepare watercress instead and only afterwards dispose of the soil with the roots on the compost heap. The pots are easy to wash and ready for the next planting.


You can also make planters out of other materials

Pallet planters have been a hit in recent years. So if you have a pallet left over from a construction site, for example, you can easily use it as a planter. In the garden, all you have to do is paint the pallet and you can put flowers and other plants in it. Another option is to make pots out of concrete, cement or other raw materials.