How to make self-made and original paper ornaments

The current situation affords us all something we’ve been missing for a long time – time together at home. This can be used in many ways, especially in the run-up to Christmas. One of the women’s favourite activities, possibly with the help of the children, is making decorations of all kinds. And have you tried making your own tree ornaments?

What Christmas decorations can be made from paper?

  • Classic balls or star
  • Paper round Christmas tree ornaments
  • Origami, original spirals or chains

Paper Balls

To make paper balls we need tissue paper, string and ribbon, scissors. Lay the individual pieces of paper, about 10 in number, on top of each other and fold them into an accordion. Trim the edges of the paper, tie the string in the middle and pull the ribbon through it. Then carefully separate the layers.


Paper Star

Paper, scissors and glue are all you need to make one. Cut the paper into an equilateral square, fold it twice into a triangle and cut it where it opens. Then unfold, glue the middle strips and then the outer strips. Turn the star over and glue one by one to make six sides. Repeat the turning and gluing, and glue the tips at the end.

Paper round Christmas tree ornaments

Simple coloured flasks require paper of different colours, scissors, ruler, wire, pencil, larger beads, jewellery and classic pliers. Cut the papers into strips, thread a bead onto the end of the wire and then thread the coloured strips onto the wire. Then, thread the ends of the paper strips onto the wire in a criss-cross pattern. String the bead on the end of the wire again to create an eyelet for hanging. Done!



The Japanese art of paper folding may have challenging procedures, but it offers all the more efficiency. Create a beautiful decoration for your tree or holiday board with the help of a book or tutorials available online. The basics for all origami are just scissors, a ruler and special origami paper or tissue paper.