How to use a dishwasher tablet to beat limescale

Do you suffer from dirt in the bathroom? Would you like to have it as good as new again? Read this inspiring article and your bathroom will shine clean again. A simple dishwasher tablet will do the trick. If you don’t believe it, see for yourself. You’ll be surprised at the results!

Shower doors and curtains

Bathroom cleaning is not always the most desirable experience. Especially when painstaking polishing isn’t rewarded with a shiny result. No one is likely to be thrilled when soap and water droplets cling to the glass shower screen or shower curtain and can’t be removed at any cost. What’s the best way to clean it, you ask? Using a dishwasher tablet, of course!


Bathroom scale

Have you ever tried to clean your shower? If so, you probably know all too well how difficult descaling can be. You may have tried everything possible and impossible, but to no avail. And finally, you started thinking about a new shower curtain or door instead. If you are about to take this step, then wait a little longer. With this trick, you can easily get rid of limescale. You will need:

  • Natural sponge (Magic Eraser)
  • Dishwasher tablet
  • Scissors and ruler

How to do it


This tip comes from a mom in Australia who combined two common products and developed her own great cleaning method. From now on, limescale won’t bother you anymore and you can easily get rid of it in no time without the tedious scrubbing. Prepare everything you need and then measure the size of the tablet and cut out the sponge part so that the tablet fits exactly into the cut out hole. Wet the cleaner sponge and run it over the glass shower enclosure or shower curtain. Rinse with warm water and the result is a clean and sparkling bathroom!


Before you start cleaning with the dishwasher tablet, however, wear gloves, as the tablet is more effective than it may seem at first glance. And then one more thing. The mom who came up with this unique cleaning method shared it with others, and it turns out that the tablet works not only for cleaning shower doors and curtains, but also oven doors and fireplace stoves.