Humane mole traps that work and won’t make you a bully of poor animals

You may be familiar with it, you’re tending to your beautiful lawn and suddenly it’s all ruined by a single mole that decides to visit your garden. You may be far from desperate, but in this article, we’ll tell you how to banish the uninvited guest as quickly as possible so that it doesn’t cause even greater and more extensive damage. If a mole has already visited you, it’s probably because your soil is:

  • Rich in soil animals
  • Split
  • Healthy

Creek in the garden

Although it is a very remarkable animal, it can’t see, but it can hear perfectly. So its cuteness is only detracted from by its unquenchable desire in making moles, and often in places where you would least expect it. This is known not only to the owners of allotments, but also to the managers of golf or football courses. So how do you keep moles out of harm’s way but still protect your garden from moles? That’s what we’ll tell you in this article. We will present the 3 most suitable ways to evict the mole in a completely humane way.


Vibration Device

If there’s something that really bothers a mole, it’s devices that emit vibrations or beeps. In particular, devices with a constant or variable frequency are used. Variable frequency devices are more effective because they are harder for the mole to get used to. However, even constant frequency devices are not entirely useless. They will serve their purpose.

Properly planted plants

Basil, garlic and quiona that you plant in your plot or garden are sure to repel any mole, as these are plants that they are definitely not friends with. You can place garlic or elderberry extract directly into the passageways that the mole has created. They will be very happy to move away.

Empty bottles in the attic

One other good way to protect your lawn from moles and their work is to place empty bottles in the soil so that the neck of the bottle is above the soil level. The combination of the wind and the neck makes a sound and vibration that definitely won’t excite a mole. Just change the places where you put the bottles regularly so that you actually drive the mole out of your garden and not just onto it.