Improper freezing of mushrooms can even be harmful to health, the correct procedure is not complicated

Freezing mushrooms is the best way to store them for the winter without losing their flavor and consistency. But it takes a few rules to make mushrooms look just like they do when you pick them in the woods in the fall. What mushrooms are suitable for freezing, and how to prepare them properly?

Some mushrooms need to be heat treated before freezing

Not all mushrooms are suitable for freezing raw. Many mushroom foragers will confirm this. It depends on what the mushroom looks like. Chanterelles should not be frozen because they are bitter. So before freezing, cook them, let them cool and dry them carefully. You can freeze porcini mushrooms and its subspecies without prior heat treatment. Clean the mushrooms thoroughly before putting them in the freezer.

Before you decide to freeze mushrooms, consider whether this option is necessary. It is best to eat the mushrooms immediately or dry them for later use. The best mushrooms are those that have dense flesh, but you need to know how to freeze them so that their flavor is not altered.


Some good tips to use when freezing

Before actually freezing the mushrooms, sort them by type, clean them thoroughly with a sharp knife or damp cloth, and then dry them. Cut larger mushrooms into chunks; smaller heads can be frozen whole. It’s best if you divide the portions you need into the boxes exactly as you need them. Once thawed, mushrooms and other ingredients should not be put back in the freezer.


Then place the mushrooms in plastic containers with lids and place in the freezer. Mushrooms such as chanterelles or other similar species need to be steamed or boiled for at least 5-10 minutes before freezing to get rid of their typical bitter taste. Once cooled, you can also put them in containers or use bags. You can also put mushrooms that have been fried in the freezer. You can prepare a base for a stir-fry by making mushrooms together with onions and freezing them this way.

When you take the mushrooms out of the freezer, they should not be thawed in the dish because they will lose their flavor or their consistency. The best solution is to semi-freeze them in a pan – they will loosen on their own due to the higher temperature.