Instead of compotes and desserts, we prefer a unique cherry tincture. With many health problems in a moment

When we are troubled by health problems, there are several ways to solve them. Someone will head to a doctor who will prescribe medication, while another will choose a natural, time-tested method instead. This includes the use of so-called tinctures, which can be made from many common ingredients. These include even ordinary cherries.

Familiar fruits with unique effects

When you say it, everyone imagines a familiar and tasty domestic fruit that is the basis of many desserts, but also cocktails or compotes. But there is much more to cherries than their perfect taste. For example, iodine, which is essential for proper thyroid function. Calcium, an important element for bones and teeth, is also abundant in stone fruit. We must not forget the fact that cherries also help us to balance our blood count, detoxify the liver and kidneys. The healing effects of cherries are much broader. So why not make a homemade tincture?

Source: Pixabay

Making homemade cherry tincture

A suitable alcohol is, for example, rubbing alcohol. This can be bought in specialty stores or liquor departments. It is 80% alcohol. The cherries are left to macerate in the alcohol itself for two to three weeks. Pour them in so that all the cherries are hidden under the surface of the alcohol. Stir the contents several times during the maceration period. Afterwards, strain the alcohol and cherry extract into bottles with caps and store in a cool place. Take it drop by drop.

In the past, our grandmothers would let the cherries ferment in honey. During fermentation, alcoholic fermentation produces alcohol from the sweet base.

For every 3 kg of cherries we need 1 kg of honey. Here’s how to proceed:

  • Place the washed ripe cherries in a container so that there is still enough space above them.
  • Fill the jar with honey. The honey should displace any air bubbles.
  • Close tightly and store in the cellar for 3 months to allow the fermentation process to take place.
  • After the process is complete, bottle the beverage.

The drink contains a variety of vitamins from the cherries and nutrients from the honey. It can be sipped by the sip for colds, flu and other cold weather illnesses.