It doesn’t have to be just groceries in your grocery bag, many people unknowingly bring home dangerous pests

Many households struggle with pests, sometimes they can ruin an entire purchase or stock you have in your pantry. Some can hide for a very long time before our eyes and can cause a lot of damage to food. They have a taste for foods such as flour, pasta or sweets.

There are many tips on the internet to get rid of them, but do you know how they got into your home? You may have brought them with you from the store. The least popular ones are food moths.

Most everyone has had food moths in their home

It’s a small insect, and it hides in flour, nuts, or other grains you have hidden in your cupboards. Many people think that moths are not harmful to health, but the opposite is true. They contaminate all household supplies with their feces and also cover them with cobwebs. They encourage the growth of bacteria that can cause digestive problems and allergies.


Even if you buy flour or other food packaged like this in the store, chances are there are moths in it because it’s been on the shelf too long. When these insects are looking for food, they can chew through cardboard or foil packaging. The best thing to do if you have discovered food moths is to throw away the packaging and its contents.

If you want to prevent the moths from coming back or reproducing, transfer all your food into glass containers and jars and seal them tightly. You can put a few bay leaves around them, which they don’t like the smell of.

Another problem in the home is flatworms


Squirrels are insects that feed on our blood. They live in the nooks and crannies of our beds and mattresses, but they can also appear in baseboards, bookcases, electrical outlets or clothes closets. They can cause allergies that manifest themselves in red spots all over the body. Home remedies for extermination often don’t work against them; it’s best to call a specialist disinfectant company.


You won’t just find clothes moths in Grandma’s closet. They can also turn up in the clothes you shop for. You bring the moths home with you. You can recognize moths by their yellowish or brown color. They lay eggs in lots of places, but you can get rid of them with lavender, which they don’t smell.