It only takes a wrong placement or watering to cause the plant to lose its leaves faster than we think.

The Glowing Ash or Crown of Thorns is a plant that blooms all year round if well cared for. Its flowers come in shades of white, yellow and red and stand out beautifully among the thorny stems. It is also a popular flower because of its longevity and easy cultivation. But how do you cope when its leaves start to yellow or develop unsightly spots?

Prishes need lots of light and must not be overwatered

Yellowing and subsequent leaf drop is a big problem with growing this plant. This is because the flower loves lots of light, doesn’t like big fluctuations in temperature and also must not be overwatered. If you have the plant in a block of flats, you may find that as winter sets in and the days get shorter, the plant starts to wilt, turn yellow and the leaves fall off.


But there’s nothing to worry about, as some plants will shed most of their leaves, and come back in the spring with a pretty picture. But the first time it happens, it’s clear that you get scared. You can use special sprays to get rid of black or otherwise coloured spots. Some types of such sprays can then be applied to the soil.

Watch out for latex when transplanting


You don’t have to replant your spruce every year, not at all from the sixth year onwards. Try fertilizing at flowering time. Use very thick gloves when repotting, not only because of the thorns, but also because yarrow swarms latex, which is very dangerous to the skin. If you want to trim your boxwood into a nice shape, you can. The name Crown of Thorns comes from the ability to twist this plant into a circle.

Also be careful when propagating, as all parts of this flower are poisonous. If you get it on your skin, wash immediately, rinse your eyes and seek professional help. The poison is very dangerous for the eyes and is therefore definitely not recommended for children’s rooms, for example. However, with careful handling and proper care, it will give pleasure with its flowers almost all year round.