It was enough to plant the garden with these plants and their growth rate surprised the neighbours

Have you just moved into a new house and not much money left for the garden? Or would you rather need a hedge? With these plants you can do it.

While horticultural shops offer a wide variety of trees and shrubs, in different shapes, species and sizes, they are not always cheap. But how to do it when the plot is too barren and empty. The sun burns relentlessly and there is no shade anywhere. Your garden looks more like a building site than a relaxation zone and the family budget is stretched to the breaking point.

The solution may be fast-growing plants

How to choose so you don’t make a mistake? Large plots can be planted with tall trees and shrubs, but for smaller plots it pays to give preference to shrubs and smaller, slow-growing trees.

When planting trees, always allow for the fact that they will not only grow in height, but will also spread out and need more space around them. So plant trees and shrubs with care and moderation.


Consider before planting

  • Soil quality
  • Soil moisture
  • Sunshine

Flowering plants are very useful on pergolas and will provide plenty of shade and give you a lee. They can also weed along trellises installed along walls or fences. They create green, very impressive walls.

Fast growing trees include birch and ash. They are very suitable for large plots. They quickly block the view of the surrounding, often farm or unsightly landscape. They are also suitable for waterlogged ground.

Red oak grows well in sunny locations and does not mind poor soil. Maple, on the other hand, thrives in fertile soils.

If you want to add something special to your garden, go for the narrow-leaved olive, which thrives in dry, sandy soil in sunny locations. It produces a beautiful, broad crown.


What brings diversity

If you want to let your garden bloom, bet on the commune david, which is rightly called the butterfly bush. Weigelia, forsythia, better known as golden rain or deutzia scabra, will also bring a flood of flowers. These are very decorative shrubs that will fill your garden with colour.

Do you long for a shrub that greets you with its unique scent every time you come home? Bet on jasmine. It’s hardy and tolerates partial shade well.

Bird’s beak or thimbleberry will also do you a good turn.