Just a few ice cubes in the dryer and you can make ironing easier afterwards

Have you ever tried putting ice cubes in the dryer? What a crazy idea you think? After all, ice cubes and a dryer don’t go together. But don’t be discouraged. You’ll be delighted with the result! If you don’t like ironing and are always secretly wondering how to avoid ironing and not waste time with it. Today we have a solution for you! And don’t worry about having to go to work or school wrinkled. The trick is something else entirely. If you own a tumble dryer, you’ll be able to put it into practice right away.

Dryer is a big help

Most people these days use their dryer even several times a week. It’s one of those appliances that is gaining in popularity and without which more and more families can’t imagine their household running smoothly. If you don’t already own one, perhaps the following benefits will convince you that investing in this appliance is definitely worth it. How a tumble dryer can help you:

  • Speeds up drying laundry
  • Saves you work and time
  • Makes your laundry softer

Do you suffer from wrinkled clothes?

Normally, dryers are mainly used to dry laundry quickly, after all, that’s one of their greatest strengths. However, it can do so much more than just drying! Wrinkled clothes are a really annoying thing in life, especially if you are going to a work meeting and find that you have nothing to wear. And it doesn’t stop there. Even if you manage to iron your favorite blouse, you can’t always prevent unwanted wrinkles. So here’s a trick that will have your clothes beautifully smooth again in minutes!

Source: Pixabay.com

Led as Rescue

It probably didn’t occur to you that this kind of ice can be used in a dryer. You know it in Coca Cola, summer drinks, or in cold packs, but in a dryer? That’s right, in the dryer. All you need to make it is a simple ice mold or ice bag that you place in the freezer with water for a few hours.

How to make smooth laundry

Prepare wrinkled laundry for ironing and place it in the dryer. Then add four ice cubes and let the dryer run for 15 minutes. You can also do this during breakfast in the morning or during your morning hygiene routine. It’s really very efficient and quick. Everything works on the principle of steam from melting ice cubes. The steam will smooth out the wrinkles on your clothes beautifully. So you can look forward to the surprise of a smoothed blouse or shirt. And that’s without an iron or any of your hard work!