Just a small mistake in food storage and housewives face the challenge of cleaning a smelly fridge

Do you have the feeling that every time you open the fridge, an unpleasant smell is coming to you? Such an aroma can reliably linger throughout the room if the fridge is opened regularly. So learn to store your food in a smart way so that the smell doesn’t spread all over the place. If you don’t store individual foods correctly, the aroma will mix and almost always create an unpleasant smell.

Check your food regularly

Do you find yourself buying food and after just a few days it has gone bad? You’re probably not storing it the right way. Check your food every day, and remove any expired food after the warranty. This is because odours and dangerous moulds can spread in the fridge.

As soon as you bring eggs from the store, remove them from their paper packaging. It is these cartons that are the source of many bacteria, which then spread dangerously in the fridge. If you don’t want to give yourself indigestion, it’s better to transfer the eggs directly into the body in the refrigerator.

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Food items such as sausages and salami are sometimes wrapped in plastic at the stretch. However, this is not the most convenient method as all these foods then spoil more quickly. Cheese is no exception. When you get home, take them out of the packaging and wrap them in paper packaging, where they will breathe, not burn and not spoil.

Stacking meat

Syrupy meat and fish contain lots of bacteria. So you should store raw meat on a completely different shelf or drawer to separate it from other foods. Do not keep it in the fridge for more than a day. It is recommended to process meat and fish immediately, within a few hours at the latest. If you can’t keep up with the cooking, put the meat in the freezer, where it will keep for up to several weeks when frozen at -18 degrees.

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Foods that don’t require refrigeration, such as some sweets, should be removed from the fridge straight away. You’ll have more visibility and won’t bring extra bacteria from the packaging into your fridge unnecessarily.