Keep cut flowers fresh for much longer with the right cut

Flowers have been making people happy for years. Whether at home or in gardens, a flower is something that always pleases us – especially women. However, once a flower is cut off from its source of nutrients, i.e. its roots, it can wither away without proper care. How should you care for cut flowers? And which ones to choose for the vase? We have put together some tips to keep your cut plants beautiful and fresh for a long time.


To make them last, cut them properly

If you’re cutting flowers from your own garden, make sure you have the right cutting tool. This can be a pair of scissors or a knife, but it must always be sharpened enough to make a straight cut and not ‘fray’ the plant. The first thing that is very important. If you get the stem so to speak frayed, you will damage the plant’s tissues and it will soon wilt. If you have flowers in your garden at home, it is advisable not to cut them early in the morning, in the evening or in very dry weather. Cutting the flowers after rain will be most ideal. Some flowers are also better cut at the bud stage, such as beautiful roses or peonies. Others, on the other hand, should only be in full bloom – sedges, zinnias or dahlias, as they will not bloom in a vase. We would also like to point out with plants such as lilies and tulips to remove the pollen-coated anthers. They will easily stain furniture or tablecloth, and take away from the freshness of the plant.


How to properly cut flowers for a vase

If you decide to cut flowers for a vase, cut them on the bias. Never cut them straight. This cut will be ideal for the plant, and the slanted cut will make it absorb water more fully. This is especially true for flowers with strong and hard stems, such as roses, lilacs and jasmine. The next step is to remove the leaves below the water level. This is because the leaves under the water will soon begin to rot and breed bacteria that will encourage the plant to die. Next, we would like to point out frequent water changes in the vase. It should be kept clean and cool &#8211 distilled or boiled. Then when you change the water, you should also wash the flower stems. In warm weather, change the water in the vase every day.