Kitchen wallpapers tempt design, but cause unexpected problems for many owners

Kitchen wallpapers? Well of course, nothing is impossible. Nowadays, photo wallpapers are sold in high quality. And if you simply want to decorate an empty space, you don’t want to paint, a photo wallpaper will be the right solution. Some of these modern wallpapers can even be washed, so they will be suitable for the kitchen. How to choose such a photo wallpaper?

Kitchen wallpaper features

Maybe wallpaper is the last thing you would think of putting in your kitchen. And no wonder, the kitchen is where most of the action is. Cooking is going on, temperatures are constantly changing, it’s humid, now and then something gets spilled, also dirty. It may seem like a no-brainer to put wallpaper in the kitchen, but the opposite is true. In some homes, wallpaper is placed in the kitchen, but only far away from the stove or sink. In fact, today it is possible to buy wallpaper that fits between the cabinets above the stove.

Before you decide, however, you should be clear about its parameters. When buying, always look for it to be resistant to moisture as well as grease. It must also be able to withstand daily wiping with a wet cloth. Such materials exist and do not lose their qualities. Kitchen wallpaper has a laminate exterior that will protect it from daily use.


Any topic

A kitchen wallpaper can work wonders. If you choose it well and it matches your furnishings perfectly, whether in colour or theme, you will create a beautiful and dominant space around the counter. With a photo wallpaper, you won’t be limited by choice. You can choose from a large variety and styles. You can even change the overall style of a room, i.e. the kitchen, with wallpaper. Can you create a retro kitchen, a Provençal style or a Scandinavian style? Or do you like modern interiors set in an urban style? There are no limits to the choice. You can even stick with classic images of fruit, vegetables, food, wine or coffee cups. Such motifs perfectly accentuate the space. Overall, the wallpaper adds brightness and pizzazz to the room.


It is possible to choose a self-adhesive wallpaper or one that you will need to glue on. Self-adhesive wallpaper will be easier to install. Think about the fact that the wallpaper dominates the space and therefore you will not need to use accessories. The space could be oversaturated and cluttered. Choose one that unifies the whole, both in colour and style.

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