Lack of greenery is threatening, planting plants will help save our climate

Lack of greenery is a problem of large Czech cities. Because of this, the country holds little water and the hot summer days make our lives more difficult than strictly necessary. It affects the vast majority of big cities, but Prague is an exception. Many of you may be surprised, because there really isn’t much green on the housing estates. You’re right, but for the size of Prague, there is a lot of greenery. It’s rich in parks and gardens. Villages and small towns are usually not so threatened, but most big cities are really short of flowers, shrubs and trees.

Why is having enough green space so important to us

We have all surely noticed that the high outdoor temperatures that the weather has been throwing at us every summer lately have been accompanied by short, cold winters with little to no snow. Against this backdrop, society is constantly arguing about water shortages and unbearable heat that makes everyday life difficult for most during the summer months.


There are constant warnings about water shortages coming from a number of experts. It’s not just the result of little snow in the winter and very high temperatures in the summer. It is also because there is little rain in terms of annual rainfall. Water is therefore in constant decline and we urgently need to retain it in the ground in some way. That is where plants are supposed to help. Particularly trees and shrubs, which hold a huge amount of this life-giving fluid. That is why the planet should stop cutting down all kinds of trees all the time.

On the contrary, we should start planting them wherever we can. Their main purpose is not only to retain water, but also to provide shade on hot summer days. As a result, the asphalt on the roads would not melt as much, cities and towns would not heat up to such an extent, and this would be very beneficial. Plants that we need so much die from too little water, and farmers cannot even grow food crops.

Once it happens to rain heavily, the soil is so parched that the water is unable to soak in. As a result, the fields are washed away and the harvest is scarce.


The drought is here and about to reign

It is clear to us all that drought has taken the reigns. It can be countered by planting greenery, be it shrubs or trees. So let us be considerate of ourselves and nature, think of our next generation and plant. It is very important that we do our best to maintain our climate and of course our water.