Learn how to enhance an inexpensive garment to make it elegant and refined

These tips are for those who don’t have the extra money to invest in modern clothes but still want to look smart. You don’t have to spend on expensive brands. Celebrities also often opt for casual brands.

1. The right fabric

Some brands can imitate famous designers’ clothes, but the problem is poor quality fabrics. These look very cheap. Look for linen, faux suede and cotton clothes, these look expensive. Conversely, avoid viscose and acrylic. Polyester falls into both groups, here it depends on the look of the clothes.

2. Colour unit

Choose your favorite color and add it to your wardrobe in several shades on different kinds of clothes and accessories. It’s not hard to match the outfits.

3. White shirts

White shirts are good for women at any age. But you need to choose the right cut and material. The white color will enhance femininity and perfect your look in any situation.

Source: Pixabay.com

4. Handbag

The bag is one of the most important accessories. If it is a famous brand, it always attracts attention and emphasizes the status of its owner. However, never buy counterfeits. It is much better to buy something cheap and original.

5. Buttons

A shirt, sweater or coat can be transformed by simply changing the buttons. Cheap clothes are sold with regular plastic buttons. But you can replace them with:

  • glass,
  • wooden or
  • metal.

6. Bright colour


Faded or yellowish clothes spoil the image and look cheap. Get rid of these clothes. This is especially true for black and white clothes.

7. Right size and right balance of proportions

When you choose something that fits you perfectly, it doesn’t matter how much you bought the clothes for. Because if something fits you, you feel confident in it and it makes an impression on other people. For example, if you have wide hips, choose a dress that is loose in the waist. In short, you need to follow the curves of your body when buying clothes.