Learn how to grow orchids, usually only the right location is enough

Many beginners are not so keen on orchids, yet there is nothing complicated about growing them. Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge about how to care for orchids often leads to not enjoying their flowers for long. And yet, all we need to do is follow a few basic rules, which we will present here.

The right place does the trick

Not many people know that orchids can be grown not only at home, but also in the garden. Choosing the right place is crucial for orchids. Place these plants where there is plenty of sun, but not direct sun. Therefore, you will do best to place them in a lighted spot in your home where the plants will have a view. Although orchids are exotic plants, they don’t like too much heat. Therefore, choose a pleasant, aerated environment with average temperatures for them. Stick to the spot you’ve chosen and don’t move them around as much as you like.

Source: Pixabay.com

I want the right planter

It’s best to choose one that isn’t too deep and see-through. The plant should not be planted too deeply as orchids are not planted in dirt but rather in a permeable substrate – you can choose peat, bark, charcoal or other dry organic substrate. It may be that individual species will vary slightly in their substrate requirements. Repot only when the plants have outgrown the root ball. You will see for yourself what size pot you need, and you can also check the plant for pests.

Source: Pixabay.com

Daycare works wonders

You can water your plants daily and check that they are thriving. Water them only when the substrate is dry and do not leave them soaking in water for long periods. From time to time use a fertiliser designed for orchids. In summer, you can take the plants outside during the day, but as soon as the temperature drops a little, take them inside immediately. In winter, they benefit from a shower of lukewarm water once a month, avoiding the flowers!