Learn how to remove moss from stone paving either mechanically or with the help of chemistry

Mech in the garden, what a bugger. Especially if you have a garden in somewhere wetter or shady. Moss can wipe out entire lawns and flower beds, but it usually starts to spread more subtly. It will usually first creep into the gaps between your paving stones, into the cracks of your kerbs and similar places where it usually thrives. In contrast, moss is downright damaging to the stone features of your garden. In today’s article, we’ll tell you how best to deal with moss.

Mechanical moss removal

It’s by far the most environmentally friendly if you just go about the job the old-fashioned way, by hand. Moss needs to be removed systematically, including the root system, which can be quite deep. However, if you only pull out the green parts growing above ground, the moss will be right back. You can buy special brushes or rakes at hobby shops for removing weeds. You can also patch up holes where moss has grown, then it will be gone.

Source: Pixabay.com

Chemical preparations

If you don’t feel like tackling moss by hand, you can of course deploy a more powerful calibre – horticultural chemicals and sprays. However, these are not suitable for every situation. You should consider using them if you have small children or pets running around your garden. After all, these are dangerous poisons that can put children, dogs or cats at risk.

You should also protect yourself, and it is generally recommended to apply sprays with your respiratory tract covered and wearing protective gloves. Most sprays are supplied in spray cans, while some of the stronger sprays are applied with a brush. Be careful to apply the spray only to the stone features, it will not do your lawn or other plants any favours either. The most common products, which are also available on the Czech market, include:

  • Floria Mech-stop
  • Argo Moss Stop
  • Bros against mosses, algae and lichens
  • Blue Rockweed